Marketing Services

Web Design Service

Having your own website can make it happen. When you have your own website, it is easier for you to reach out to your readers and vice versa. Most people buy their books these days online from websites such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Many authors who have their own website, get visits from fans and potential readers first, prior to them either buying the book right there.

Book Exhibits

Display and showcase your book at major US and International Book Fairs. Intensify Your Marketing Tactics! It’s a great way start to find and join some networks and people who might be interested in your work. Connect with Readers and attract new audiences. Gain insights from fellow writers and authors. Receive tips and recommendations from Literary Agents.

International Book Exhibits

This package enables your book to be displayed at different International Book Fairs. Grab the opportunity to showcase your book to foreign clients, and promote it to librarians, and book buyers alike. Debut your book in a universal scale and let it reach international success. If you have published your book in a foreign language, this service is perfectly suited for you.

Book Trailer -Feature Package

Spice up your book marketing venture with the Book Trailer Feature Package. Catch the attention of your target audience through a professionally customized 60-second book trailer with special video effects and storyline. This high-quality video will be uploaded to 10 video channels and will be featured on Book Builder Studio Social Media Pages.

Book Trailer - Full Length Package

Make your book standout in the literary industry by getting it featured in a Full-Length Book Trailer.

The Full-Length Package offers a Book Trailer with 2 minutes duration complete with special video effects and voiceover. The Full-Length video will be uploaded to 15 video channels and Book Builder Studio will extensively promote it on its website and social media.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever considered for even a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? If your answer is a resounding yes, then let Book Builder Studio improve your chances by making your book available to agents, producers, directors, writers, and actors on the lookout for fresh material to develop into full length feature films, television series, and digital content.

Hollywood Screenplay

Here at Book Builder Studio, we directly submit your screenplay to Movie Producers whose business is in line with creative concept video production, post-production, multimedia, and advertising services. We’ll focus on the pivotal scenes, the important characters, and the dialogue that keeps your story’s plot burning. We will make sure that it will be the next item for screenplay adaptation.

Hollywood Treatment

Take the first steps towards getting your book adapted for the screen. A professional writer will present the visual rendition of your book in an industry-standard treatment, which is a long-form pitch for a film, television series, or digital series.

Your treatment will then be submitted to our first-look partner, who will determine if they would like to option your book for adaptation.

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